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Nedenfor finner du kurs som er utviklet i vårt internasjonale nettverk i Europa.

Organisational Development

Welcome to course «Organisational Development». In this course, Paul Ch. Donders will give you an overview of organisational mastery and help you realize your mission for today and tomorrow. The process includes three steps: (1) As a team, discover reality, (2) design strategy, and (3) build it so it will last. In the last part…

Leading in crises, building resilience.

How do you react in a time of crisis? And how do your leaders and organization react in situations filled with pressure and stress? For an organization’s ability to survive in an ever changing environment and to be able to perform when challenges are piling up, it’s of vital importance that the leaders and team…

Self Mastery

Welcome to the course «Self Mastery». We are all responsible to give our life direction in an environment where possibilities and changes are increasing. This is challenging. How do I guide my own life? How do I live a life where I integrate work and private life in a balanced way, and have time for…

Team Mastery

Welcome to the course «Team Mastery». In this course you will gain knowledge about how you can build strong, high performing teams around you. You will be given many helpful tools, and you will do a team scan with your team. This will help you through a development process within your own team. We are…

Xpand tilbyr også en internasjonal lisensiering i Resiliens. Gå til vår internasjonale kursside om du er interessert. Her kan du også finne våre profiler på engelsk.

Simplylearn kursplattform

Medarbeidere i xpand Norge har utviklet kursplattformen Simplylearn. Er du interessert i å utvikle kurs på egen plattform? Ta kontakt med Simplylearn for å få hjelp til å utvikle din egen kursplattform. Elektrofirmaet Oneco AS  og VVS-foreningen NemiTek bruker Simplylearn for deres interne kurs.

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