Leading in crises, building resilience.

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How do you react in a time of crisis? And how do your leaders and organization react in situations filled with pressure and stress? For an organization’s ability to survive in an ever changing environment and to be able to perform when challenges are piling up, it’s of vital importance that the leaders and team members have built an inner strength – resilience.  How can you develop a resilient life? How do you build capacity and draw on strength when you are in a challenging environment? These are some of the questions and topics we will address in the course « LEADING IN CRISIS, BUILD RESILIENCE ». After having taken the course you should know your strengths, but also your weaker sides which you will be able to address and strengthen. This will be beneficial for you as an individual, but even more so for the organization you serve. The more prepared for crisis you are the stronger you and your organization will be.

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