Team Mastery

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Welcome to the course «Team Mastery».

In this course you will gain knowledge about how you can build strong, high performing teams around you. You will be given many helpful tools, and you will do a team scan with your team. This will help you through a development process within your own team.

We are all working in different teams. You probably have both good and bad experiences. Sometimes we call it a team, but in reality it is not. Why should we work in teams? What are the benefits? What is the best size of a team? What are the most important areas to work on in a team to optimize the team effort? These and many more questions are asked and answered during the course.

The six areas we will focus on are:

  • Inspiring: Inspiring vision
  • Committing: Clarifying roles and commitment.
  • Aiming: Clarify strategy, responsibility and expectation
  • Relating: Building healthy relationship and strong communication.
  • Performing: Good stewardship of time and resources.
  • Interconnecting: Better together – Eco system.